Technology hates me.

So I’ve come to the understanding that all technology hates me, and this is depressing because I love it! It’s like loving someone and finding out they have no feelings for you, this is exactly my situation with my fellow “friend” technology. Why do I think it hates me you might ask? Simple! Here are the following reasons as to why I believe that technology not only hates me, but is also going out of it’s way to make me mad! 

1. Earlier today I was recording a vlog, because I am interested in starting a YouTube channel and am testing out and seeing if vlogging is something I can do, and something that people will want to watch from me. Now, the first thing is that I believe my parents camera was hiding from me, because I looked everywhere in my house and could not find it. I also couldn’t use their video camera because it had no battery life left in it, so I was stuck using my Ipod. Granted, this usually is not an issue, I actually like recording on ipods, the quality is not too bad, but this one has no space left, or barely any space left. Now this is pretty much my fault, because I enjoy music and I have over 700 songs on an 8 gig Ipod, do the math, it doesn’t leave much room for vlogs. So of course I went into the recording realizing that it would probably cut me off mid-sentence, and it did. So after that I switched to my tablet, that I hate vlogging on because it has only one front camera that has horrible quality. Now I used it anyway, and that video was lagging and the dubbing was off, Yay… Now shortly after I record that video, I proceed to send my ipod video to myself through e-mail, but of course when I do that and check my e-mail, the videos didn’t even send, and there is no content in the e-mails…

2.  A while ago I used to frequently record videos on my laptop with my sister, and all was good, they turned out as good as a laptop video can turn out, and I was fine with that. But all of a sudden my mic decides that it doesn’t want to work any more  So now I have a laptop that I cannot Skype on (and if I do Skype I have to use headphones with a mic, or yell really loud so they can make out what I am saying) and I cannot make videos because it sounds like I have my head in a toilet bowl in them. 

3. This also happened quite awhile ago but it still makes me super angry. My dad’s computer, which at the time was not really working too well, but it was still usable, was the computer that I would often use when I was writing, because at the time I did not have my laptop. Now, I started this really awesome story which I was really excited about and that I had actually written quite a bit of, and I had also started countless other stories on that same computer, and one day it stops working. It crashes, and everything on the computer is gone, except for a few things that my father was able to save. Not only did I lose my stories, but my mother lost countless pictures from our childhood, and that was probably the worst part about it. 

4. The same computer still has it’s problems, and I truly do not know why we still have it. But often when I do my school work on that computer, on word or power point (I use that computer often for school because my laptop does not have those programs or spell check on word pad , and try to save it on a usb stick, it never saves, and then I think, well I can just e-mail this to myself, but it never works either. So now I try to use my parents laptop when I do school work  and so far it has not given me any problems (knock on wood). 

These are only a few of the examples I can think of right now, and hopefully that wasn’t an annoying post to read, but I just felt like I needed to share the technology problems I have experienced in my lifetime. Now let’s just hope that my laptop will let me publish this post, so I do not have to write it again. I’m Paige, and this is who I am. 🙂 


My first post

So as the title says this is my first post, ever. Blogging is a new thing for me, and to be honest, I think I’ll enjoy it quite a bit. This made sound cheesy, or really odd, but for me this whole blogging thing seems like it will be a new beginning, where I can be myself with total strangers, and hopefully they’ll like it. Granted I’m not too sure what my posts will be about, frankly I didn’t know what this one would be about until I started writing, but that’s the beauty of writing, you dive in, sometimes not knowing what will happen, where the words will take you. In my school years I’ve never been the “popular girl”, and now I’m glad I never was, because I have this feeling that if I had ever been that girl, I’d never be who I am today, obviously that’s a given, but what I mean is I don’t think I would have ever developed my love for writing if my life had turned out differently. This blog is like a new experience for me, it’s like beginning a new life in a new place. I can be myself, and if some people are actually interested in who I am, well I think that’d feel nice, but I believe that the main reason for this blog, is for me, so I can find out who I am. I guess that’s it for now, and the pressure is off about my first blog post, and honestly, it was easier than I expected. I’m Paige and this is who I am.